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This is the first GENERATION 84 EP. It is released by FUNTIME RECORDS.
You can buy the fysical disc @ or


Dit debuut doet een frisse wind waaien in de belgische punkwereld. De vijf leden deden hoorbaar reeds ervaring op bij andere groepen. De stijl doet denken aan het vroegere Rise Against en No Fun At All. De zang is zuiver en wisselt af en toe met een stevige scream.
G84 levert een stevige plaat af die als afwisseling eindigt met het gevoelige “Guidelines”. Velen zullen zich herkennen in de messcharpe en kritische teksten die dieper gaan dan de teksten van de meeste ‘commerciële’ groepjes. Deze melodieuze punk-EP laat ons toch wat op onze honger zitten. Honger naar meer namelijk, want hij is veel te kort en we kijken al uit naar meer werk van dit kwintet (vv)

Generation 84 - Generation 84 CD (Funtime)
A gang of old school Belgian punk and hardcore musicians gathered together for what could easily become an all star punkrock legend. On this, their first 6-track EP, it’s all bright, sunny, fast and melodic. However it all sounds rather generic and a little too familiar. Then again, as there aren’t that many bands playing this particular style, with influences ranging from Good Riddance to No Fun At All, anymore, they might be able to create their own niche. Or maybe even ride the crest that starts a new wave for melodic punk rock. ‘Impossible to see, the future is’, as Yoda would say. Martijn Welzen (

Generation 84 – s/t
CDEP Funtime Records
Generation 84 is a new Belgium punkrock / melodic hardcore band with punk and hardcore scene veterans that already deserved their stripes in bands as Victims of Society, Not That Straight, … Generation 84 is a bunch of experienced musicians fronted by one fine vocalist who just released their debut EP on Funtime Records.
So far so great but it even gets better because this mini CD is one of the finest Belgium records I’ve heard in months. It has everything I expect from a good punkrock/hardcore record: strong songs, diversity, tempo changes, resting points, good and clean vocals and just a few well placed screams. Generation 84 is also one of those few bands that brings the passion back into punkrock and hardcore music. They are not another shallow punkrock band that sings about girls or stupid TV shows but about useless violence, dictatorial oppression, loss, … Songs as Colonist, Ghetto Backyard grab you by the throat and the sensitive, breathtaking Guidelines is goose bums guaranteed.
Generation 84 is a good mix of Rise Against alike punkrock and Boy Sets Fire alike heartcore. There is just one thing I don’t like about this album: it’s to short. (

Yet another Belgian band has emerged onto the global punk scene. For the people who think that Belgium is only known for their fine fruity beers (and yes they are the best in the world) think again, because the country also boasts an exemplary punk rock scene of their own. It’s comprised of classic venues, helpful labels, dedicated and lucky fans, and a non-stop influx of great bands. It’s a treat for any punk rock fan, specifically the ones in the Aarschot region where is seems babies are born with guitar in hand and punk anthems in the brain. This could be the case with the members of Generation 84. Formed by current and ex-members of such bands as That Straight, Victims of Society, and Break of Day, the band might be new but the musicians are veterans on the stage.

The band recently released their 6 song, self-titled debut EP on Funtime Records. Teun, lead vocalist from Break of Day, is also on vocal duties in Generation 84 and he stays mainly with the clear, dark, and melodic voice (Zoli from Ignite anyone?) throughout the whole EP. Don’t be surprised to hear some hardcore shouts from Teun though, a little Break of Day for you. For some reason, this time ’round I hear ex-Funtime band Dearly Deported in Teun’s voice and music wise as well. Unlike Break of Day though, which is much more on the melodic hardcore side, Generation 84 are more of a pure punk/rock band, sticking closer to the sound of NUFAN, Good Riddance, and Rise Against, for example. These five guys decided to go with what they know and love instead of totally changing the style from their past bands. If you listen to their current/former bands you can hear elements of each. This EP is an honest release from a group of guys who just want to have fun playing live and supporting the Belgian punk scene. There is no lack of support either. It has to be a good feeling when you are forming a new project and you KNOW that promoting the band will be a success already. This is the Belgian scene ladies and gentlemen.

The tunes on this “S/T” release varies from mid-tempo to fast so it’s tough to classify this under one genre. Variety is the key that sets these guys apart from their contemporaries. The stand out track for me is “Your Suit, My Body Bag” which does a great job of capturing the 90’s punk rock sound and with Teun’s vocal range going all over the place. Make sure to read the lyrics while listening to music from Generation 84. I find that Belgian bands put an emphasis on lyrical content.

This band may only be a side-project but it seems that more music will be coming! Along with the always strong Funtime Records support, and of course the passion and dedication from these players, Generation 84 are the new blood in the Belgian scene and don’t be surprised if more bands like them follow suit. You drink a fruity beer and another band gets born.


released 31 October 2010



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Track Name: Guidelines

It’s hard to wake up with the air stolen from my lungs. It’s hard to keep my anger down. What will I become? My guidelines have been ripped away and I just want to run from this place you left for me, so cold and so lonesome.

Yes all I want to have is just a minute to explain all these things you meant for me, or I will go insane. I can no longer think clearly since the day you died. I cherish moments that we shared as one.

Oh you and I were one. A father and his son. It’s really hard to imagine the life I would have had. I have to say, I won’t forget you dad. I won’t forget you dad.

I’m broken, but I’ll defy the ghosts that haunt me. No I don’t want to let you go, but I don’t have a choice. If it were up to me…

Yes all I want to have is just a minute to explain all these things you meant for me, or I will go insane. I can no longer think clearly since the day you died. I have to say, I won’t forget you dad. I won’t forget you dad.